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I like starting discussions, sometimes, by asking a question. I think it helps us to get our heads and hearts focused in the direction we are going to go. Ok, so my question today is, “What expression do you think is on God’s face as He looks at you?” I know… I don’t think many of us consciously think about that. Even now as you do, it may be a thought that’s hard to grasp. But believe me, we DO have an idea of that, somewhere deep down under the surface flow of our daily thoughts.

It may almost seem scary to consider putting focus to it, but if we are going to move forward in the sorting out of things inside of us, we need to pause here and give it a few moments of thought. I’m serious. Would you be willing to stop for a second and look at God’s facial expression as He looks at you right now? Pause…. Close your eyes and think. What do you think god’s face would be? I’ll be right here when you’re done……..

The Basement

Did you get a hold of that picture? Those of us that have been in church for awhile kind of know the right “religious” answer to that. Our answer is, “Oh, God’s face is looking at me with wonderful love because Jesus loves me, this I know! For the bible tells me so!” Then we smile at our “Gold star on the forehead” Sunday School moment. But for some….ok, I’m finding out that for MANY….deep down in the dark room of our heart where images are being developed, there is a different picture. We tend to avoid that room as it’s often located in the basement.

I don’t like basements. I know that we have one here but I try not to go down there unless absolutely necessary. When I know I have to go down, I prep myself with a pep talk…. “It’s going to be ok! You can do it! Just focus! Go down there with skookum strength knowing that you will get what you need and get right out! Don’t look around at anything else and you shall live and not die!!

Being Brave

Now, GO brave one!! GO!!” You’d think it was some sort of life risking rescue mission into enemy territory. Ok, well, in some ways, it is. Why can’t it be clean and organized down there?! Does there have to be scary things everywhere, some possibly causing us to be at risk of dying in a fire that’s going to combust any second?! I’m quite sure that it’ll climb right up behind the walls into the very room I’m in upstairs. No, I’m serious. It sounds funny, but to me, it’s a tragic comedy. So, I think it’s best not to go. It’ll save me having to take extra blood pressure medication. Does anyone else feel like that or is it just me? Please say you do!

It Can be Dark and Scary

Honestly, don’t many of us feel that way about going down into the dark, scary “basement” of our emotions, subconscious thoughts and memories? Why go through the torment and distress it can cause? We will surely die and NOT live. Or at least our living will now be pained for who knows HOW long!? Will we get out alive? Let’s just avoid it!

See, here at my house I can pretend we don’t have a basement. My husband goes in and out of there quite happily (This makes me seriously wonder about that man!) and my daughter has the job of doing the laundry. So, it all works out. But in the “house” of our souls, who is doing the sorting and cleaning in there for us? In all honesty, if I lived alone, I don’t think I could keep up with the management of this entire house. It’s simply too big! I found that to be true of my “inner” house as well. I, personally, was over run and falling apart for years! The job of sorting through everything that had been stored up, packed away and shoved in the “basement” was overwhelming and at times, simply terrifying.

The Good News

Then I got the good news that I was never MEANT to “run and manage” myself. God arranged to do that for me. But He doesn’t barge in like an intruder, He comes by invitation. “Behold, I stand at the door knocking. Any man (or lady!) who opens that door, I will come in and have deep, intimate fellowship with him and he with me!” (Rev. 3:20) When Jesus comes, He takes responsibility for the WHOLE “house” inside of the person. He will go down into the basement WITH you to do the organizing, cleaning out and sorting. He came to rescue us from even the thought of “fire”, don’t you know….

I Know This is a Lot

Ok, I think that’s enough stressful thinking for today. The whole topic can be a lot, I know! Maybe you can chew that over as you go about the next few days. Would you be brave enough to go down to the “basement” of your soul and see what thoughts you’ve collected and perhaps boxed concerning God’s facial expression as He looks at you? It IS in many ways, a basement thought. Its foundational. It may feel scary to consider but we WILL get out of there alive! We will! With Gods help, next time, maybe we can do some sorting together.

Most of us really do need some cleaning up! I’ll ask you what I often ask my husband, “Isn’t it time to get rid of some of this unnecessary junk and clutter down here?” It is, he says. But it takes scheduled, deliberate effort with a plan of action. Hmmm…. Well everyone, trust me when I tell you, that’ll sooner happen here with us on this website than it will in the actual basement of my home! Ha ha ha! I’ll just have to be encouraged that there’s deliberate action taking place SOMEwhere….even if it doesn’t happen to be at my actual street address!

Let’s meet back at the top of the steps soon and talk!

4 thoughts on “No Way I’m Goin’ Down There!

  1. What a great question to ask. What would God’s face look like when He looks at us. I really do think of that when I’m doing certain things through out my day. As far as cleaning out the basement of my heart, I know it needs some work. Looks like I have some housework to do. Once again Tracy, thank you for the challenge of searching your soul to see where I stand with the Lord!

    1. Hi Fran! It really is a thought provoking question. I’ve had a variety of answers as we all put our minds to it. I think every one of us has some sorting to do! When I start excavating on my own to try to get myself in shape, I very quickly become overwhelmed. But if I wait for the Lord to “put a box in front of me”, then I know it’s time for us to work on that one in particular. For the sorting through of THAT box, God’s grace will be sufficient! (2 Cor.12:9) He even does the sorting with us…. What a great friend!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    I too hate basements and try never to go under ground at all, even when traveling. But to your question about what is God seeing when he is watching, I just try to do everything for the glory of God. And to live in a way that is pleasing to Him. That way I don’t worry. I did my best and it’s sufficient. Give it to God is my mantra.

    1. Hi Heather!
      So nice to hear from you and so glad that you found the site! Welcome!
      I’m glad to report that my husband recently went down into the basement to do some straightening up. Now, I haven’t gone down there so I can’t say I’ve been an eye witness to that clean up. I guess I’ll have to take his word for it!😆 Lol!
      I appreciated your clear, simple thoughts on God’s facial expression as He looks at you. It’s been very interesting to hear the different replies from people as they’ve given this question some thought. I will tell you, very few had reassuring thoughts that affirmed them of their priceless value in the eyes of God. But, God, too, is doing some cleaning up and transforming in the basements of our hearts! To THIS new restoration, I AM an eye witness, so I can confidently attest to the work in progress!
      I’m just picking up on the website as I’ve been very involved in the recent birth of a baby in our family! Looking forward to jumping back in and quite glad that you’ve joined us on this journey of restoration!
      In the process,

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