When a building is purchased as a storehouse, it is stocked by the owner, who runs and manages it with all the supplies that He will store and make available to others.

How many times have we heard reports and news casts of stores located in bad areas being broken into, looted and robbed, goods stolen and property destroyed, leaving it in shambles unable to function as it was purchased and purposed to do? LOTS of times. Some of those places are broken into repeatedly! If you’re anything like me, you have wondered, Why do these owners continue to make repairs, then reopen again and again in the same area?

Think about this; “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy………”(John 10:10)

We are ALL storehouses! We are ALL located in “bad” areas. We go through things with people and situations that rob us, steal from us, wounding, damaging and depleting us. Jesus paid the full price for us buying full ownership and taking complete responsibility over us. In His Word Jesus lays out the “Notice of Ownership” and instructs us how to enforce it. He has given us the authority to demand that all looters are to go!! It is up to us to assert that authority and that “Notice of Ownership”. The Lord promises to re-store us, re-stock us again and repair all that’s been broken, damaged and “eaten by the locust and the cankerworm” (Joel 2:25).

……”but The Lord has come that we may have life and life abundant.” Full! (John 10:10)

Let me ask you this, have you been robbed? Has the enemy looted and stolen from your soul(Your mind, will and emotions), leaving you damaged, depleted and unable to function as you were designed and purposed to do? Ask The Lord to show you what has been stolen from the storehouse of your soul. Things that you KNOW belong on the shelves of your heart but are now gone, leaving large, open, empty spaces. He may even identify incidents and places. Now remember, Jesus has given YOU the authority to put the looters out and post “Owner occupied! Looting strictly prohibited by law enforcement!” I love it! Post God’s Word at every entry way of your soul. Ask the Holy Spirit to repair and heal every area where damage has been done and then bring new order to your storehouse. Then ask Him to re-stock and re-store every shelf and every treasure that was meant to be available in and through you to others.

When we are empty, we have nothing to offer. But, Jesus is the repairer of broken walls. You have the “right” and the “authority” to “open again” and function as God designed and purposed you to do. You are God’s storehouse filled with needed supplies and provision for the lives of the people that He has given you and will send your way. God will care for the needs of others through you then He will re-stock you again and again with all you need to be full and ready to flourish. This is GOD’S “business”!

Remember and commit to mind, He has given you authority over all of the works of the enemy(Luke 10:19). Assert that authority and put a quick end to the robbing and looting of your soul. Ask The Lord to give you back all that was stolen. Then re-open and function as the storehouse He’s purposed you to be. He IS your supply who never runs dry! You never know how many lives are depending on that!

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