“God is my sustainer!” How many times have we read this from the bible or heard it said from the pulpit? How many times have we, ourselves, said this? You may be reading with me today and think, “Hmm…. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard or said such a thing.” But whatever the case may be, I think we should take a better look at what it really means to be “sustained”.

To provide what is needed for someone or something to exist and continue, to give support and relief to, to supply with nourishment, to support the weight of, to buoy up, to bear up under, to carry or withstand a weight of pressure, to keep up, to hold up, dealing with something bad or unpleasant.

Wow! I appreciate that definition and explanation as it makes this word I’ve used for years now much clearer and more meaningful to me. Let’s take a look at some scriptures with that definition in front of us.

Ps.20:2- “May He send you help from the sanctuary and from Zion may He ‘sustain’ you.”

Ps.51:12- “Restore (See “He Restores My Soul”) to me the joy of your salvation and with a willing spirit ‘sustain’ me.”

Ps.54:4- “See, God is my helper. The Lord is the ‘sustainer’ of my life.”

Ps.55:22- “Cast and purposefully throw your burden upon the Lord and He shall ‘sustain’ you. He shall NEVER allow the righteous to be moved or shaken.”

Ps.119:116- ” ‘Sustain’ me according to your word and promise that I may live and do not let me be ashamed of my hope, of my test or waiting with the sense of expectation.”

Man, I LOVE that last one! That scripture along with the understanding of the word “sustain” IS my prayer and desperate cry!

“Lord, sustain me! Provide what I need to exist and continue, give me support and relief, supply me with nourishment, support the weight of this whole mess, buoy me up so I don’t drown, bear up under me so I don’t collapse, carry me and withstand this weight of pressure upon me, keep me up, hold up me up, as I’m dealing with something bad and unpleasant…… This is a horrible mess, Lord! Sustain me so I won’t be ashamed that I spoke my hope, confidence and expectation in you before ALL of heaven and earth and under the earth during my time of testing and waiting! I’ve spoken it to my own soul, Lord! I’ve declared the things which are not as tho they were! You have NEVER allowed those that are “All right with and before you” to be moved. Don’t let this move me from your intended purpose of good that you’re working here in me and in my life through this test and time of waiting. Restore, put back upon the shelves of my heart a full supply of the joy that comes with right relationship with you! Sustain me with a willing spirit and because you alone are my helper, I am casting and throwing all of this mess upon you now! You already carried all of my griefs, pain and sorrow upon your shredded back. Only you can bear up under this crushing weight and load. I’m expecting you to keep me from sinking and BE MY NOURISHMENT until I have come through to the other side…. Completely victorious! I love you Lord and my eyes are peeled in great, great expectation of seeing you like I never have before. In Jesus mighty name I pray.”


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